is the moment I live for…
…when you see what’s blocking you and your road becomes clear
Few people take steps to own their life. I’m passionate about helping people be what they’re meant to be… Don’t wait until it’s too late. Your life is your life, take control of it.
To get to a great future we have to start with
sorting out what we call blocks.

As a neuro coach, I facilitate changes in thinking (beliefs and attitudes), emotions (resilience and mindfulness) and behaviour (habits). A natural permanent mind shift happens, which gives you the energy and creativity that you need to reach your goals and dreams.

When you resolve negative issues in your past, you are not the same person anymore. You think differently and you behave differently.
Here are some of the benefits.

Better work / life balances

Eliminate long held fears and anxiety

Enhanced creativity

Greater financial security

Improve communication skills

More satisfying work life

Stronger relationships with friends and family

More energy and creative

Identifying Goals

I help you identify your goals and dreams. We look at where you are and where you want to be.

Identifying Blocks

Ecometric assessments highlight the blocks that you hold back. Identifying the root of the anger/anxiety/self perception/frustrations or any other block in your subconscious.

Permanent Mind Shift

Using the process of Multi Level Neuro Processing whereby a permanent mind-shift happens. We focus on removing whatever blocks we have identified.

Successful & Fulfilled Life

Your mind is clear, your energy is back and you are thinking creative. Your way of thinking has changed, your behavior has changed and you become the best you can be.


How can you help me know myself better?

New Learnings are the key. To be aware of your skills, the gaps to optimal performance and awareness of your existing knowledge is not sufficient. You have to learn and retain new skills and knowledge. Often coaching is seen as just unblocking/ enabling the moment. As well as increasing your intelligence, learning new skills enable you to be more effective.

How can you help me to be more successful in my business/career?

I can help you increase your selfbelief and empower you with the tools to work on yourself and your own abilities. I help entrepreneurs to process the fears in the subconscious and let them become creative in their business with a new passion. I help business owners to get rid of their high stress and frustration levels, so they can experience their sweet spot again and can operate from there to let their business grow. I enjoy helping people to develop their potential so they can be more successful.

After a few sessions, should I feel more energetic?

Energy is a real thing. As well as exploring the impact of energy on motivation and willpower, you need to recognize that you’re not a machine. You are a biological system that converts food, water and sleep, and uses it for thinking and physical activities. Your brain uses about 20% of the body’s energy, so if you are an inefficient thinker, you are going to cause yourself stress, run out of energy and fail a lot faster.

I have a lot of built up anger. Will you be able to help me?
I also work with people who have a lot of anger, who don’t know where it’s generated from and who struggle with how to deal with it.
How can you help me?

My programme is about change…about “rewiring” or restructuring you for the change objectives/goals you identify.

About Me

I am a fully certified Multi Level Neuro coach, Business Coach and Career Coach, and I’m listed in the MLNP directory. You can also find me listed in the International Coach Register (REG NR WCXMZ9) as an internationally accredited Neuro, Business and Career Coach. I am passionate about what I do and I have seen amazing life changes happening in my clients.

I facilitate the Multi Level Neuro processing by using all three parts of the brain (sensory, emotional and cognitive parts), whereby I first create awareness, and thereafter help my clients to process and remove any block that is lying in their subconscious. This creates a permanent mind shift in the brain which leads to a shift in behavior and thoughts.

Allow me to help you to convert your dream/goal into a project with me as the project manager

What do my clients say?

“I was put in touch with Barbara Dobrowsky when I was struggling with a severe anxiety disorder.
Working with her through various sessions online, using multi-level neuro processing, I am now much more able to manage and control this debilitating disorder. Barbara’s professionalism and patience took me step by step to a much improved mind-set and has gone a long way to improving the quality of my life. I can highly recommend her and this process to anyone experiencing anxiety or depression and who is looking for a long term, healthy and sustainable approach to mental health concerns.”


“When helping Barbara with designing her logo, she suggested a session with her would help me understand what her unblocking therapy is all about. I was very surprised to experience a shift in my own attitude after our session. There was a positive change in me, allowing me to let go of some stuff from my past… some guilt and some anger. We probably all have stuff in our past which either positively or negatively affects our future. In my opinion this is a good thing to do for almost anyone, if nothing else then just to experience how it can be a tool that can affect you for the best. Barbara is a very understanding approachable and down to earth person and I wish her every success in her
quest to be a help to many.”

Derek Jones
Graphic Designer (Stutterheim)

“I have learnt a lot about myself during my sessions with Barbara. There are issues that I thought had
ceased to bother me, but which she has assisted me in coping with. Further, although she focuses on my end career goal, she has also helped me to be more satisfied in my current position at work. The last couple of weeks have seen a positive shift in my attitude and my behavior. I am closer to being a better person and am held accountable to my stated goals both because I know that Barbara will phone me on Thursday and because I have seen the real-world results thereof since she started working with me. After being skeptical about needing a life-coach, I have realised that I definitely do not want to stop with the process.”

Dylan Potter
Teacher (Stutterheim)

Does this sound familiar?

Inability to break bad habits?

Sense of blocked creativity?

Frequent irritability?

High levels of stress and/or anxiety?

Lack of fulfilment in social life?

Persistent feeling of dissatisfaction at work?

If you want to make a positive change to your life
contact me for a free introductory session:

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